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product_info.php issues


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Hello to all:


I am currently working on moding a site. The site is www.lvdistributors.com/catalog/default.php . The layout of the default page is fine, but on the product info page the right column boxes are leaving a bunch of extra space between the framed out box around the site I have. Can anyone recommend some things to look out. I am out of patience with it.


Thanks for your help!

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You have an extra <td> defined that is creating that column if I am not mistaken.


Try to find:

    <td width="34" bgcolor="#000066"> </td>

If you view your source you will see it just above the footer.

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Thanks Willk, Still dotting the i's and crossing the T's Still lot's to do!


Linda: That extra column is for the right hand navy column. If I remove the extra td it removes that column.


Some background.


During the mod, I took the whole page and put it inside a 3 column table so I could take the box from the header down the sides. Still stuck...Any other ideas....


Thanks for your help Linda

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Hi Dennis: Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I purposely put the extra space for my own preference. The annoying extraspace is to the right of the right_column. I just CANT figure out how to get rid of it.


Tried banging my head off the wall, with only marginal results....lol


Still open for feedback!


Thanks guys, I appreciate the help...

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