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Trying to locate HTML code


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I'm in the process of changing the look of my search page, and there's one thing I can't seem to locate anywhere. You can find it in the search results page, its the link and entire code where it says "Product Name+". I tried in all the suspected places, including:


1. index.php (root) - I revamped virtually everything in here, so I knew it won't be in it.

2. advanced_search.php (root)

3. advanced_search_result.php (root)

4. includes/boxes/search.php - I know this is specifically for the left column, but doesn't hurt to check :)

5. includes/classes/boxes.php - semi revamped, still nada

6. includes/classes/navigation_history.php

7. includes/classes/split_page_results.php

8. includes/modules/product_listing.php - its supposed to be in here but its not, I found a piece of code which I thought would do it, but no dice


The one thing which looked easy to find was the CSS class its pointing to, "productListing-heading". I don't know if this is stock, or something I made before. I used a text search program to try and locate this in a backup folder I made recently, but nothing! Arrgh!!

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*smacks head*


Solved it... again! Lol, making this a damned habit solving things myself! Okay after a great deal of cross checking, and sheer luck from browsing, I managed to find it in the general.php file. Simply locate the "productsListing-heading" text within and change accordingly.


Sorry for all these posts >_< !

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