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Is there a limit to how much a customer can order? Help!


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I have a buyer that tried to order a number of things, and when she's in checkout...at some point, she gets hit with an Action Cancelled Page because either the dollar amount is too high or there are too many items in the cart? I'm not sure why and neither is she.


She ends up having to remove some items from her cart...checkout and pay...and then go back and make a 2nd order for the remaining items that she removed.


Is there some kind of limitation as to how much can be purchased at once that I don't know about? Or is this a bug?



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I'm going to try this again. Perhaps you were all sleeping when I posted yesterday. :)


This is a PayPal only problem. Large orders are processed just fine with the Checks/Money Order module.


I tried to duplicate what happened to the buyer yesterday, and I saw it for myself.


If I have, say, 22 items in the shopping cart and click Confirm which sends you to PayPal...I get a Page Not Responding error in IE 7.0.


If I go back in to the cart and remove some items and bring the total number of items down to say, 15, go thru checkout again and click Confirm...it will go to PayPal.


For some reason, PayPal is not allowing large carts to be processed. There appears to be some kind of cutoff as to how much data PayPal will allow to be transferred. What could this be?


I know it has nothing to do with dollar amounts, as I put an item in my website for $1000 and proceeded to PayPal just fine with that. The buyer from yesterday was trying to spend around $300. This is about the number of items in the cart.


I've complained before about how PayPal does not print all of the items purchased on the PayPal receipt that is sent to both me and the buyer. I read somewhere that there is a limitation on how many characters PayPal will use to pick up the item descriptions in the order. 128 characters, I think. So, okay, that explains why the PayPal receipts always look half-assed. They'll only print x-amount of data.


Could that have something to do with why large orders can't even connect to PayPal and pay? Too much data being sent? I dunno.


I wrote to PayPal support and am awaiting a response. In the meantime, if it's useful to anyone who'd like to help me diagnose this problem...I'm using the PayPal module that came pre-installed with OSC 2.2


I do have PayPal IPN 1.0 installed, but...it is turned off because it won't play well with my Credit Class/Gift Voucher contrib. PayPal does not pick up any discounts applied by the customers when I use IPN 1.0. It does pick them up with the original PayPal module, though. So, that's why I'm using the original PP module.


Any ideas what may be going on? Does anyone else have this problem?

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I want to follow-up here with what I have learned in recent days.


This problem of mine has nothing to do with OSC. Nor does it have anything to do with PayPal.


Seemingly...this is a web-browser compatibility issue.


Trying to check out within the latest and greatest version of IE 7.0 is causing problems. Any shopping cart that exceeds 20 items may not be able to connect to PayPal during checkout. Hitting the Confirm button results in a Page Not Responding error, instantly.


Yet...everything works just fine with Firefox.


The customer that had all this trouble to begin with is using a web browser I've never heard of.


Crazy Browser? Anyone ever heard of that? They do have a website. Just add a dot com after their name.


In any event...I feel that my large-cart checkout problems are indeed browser-related. So, I've added a little blurb to my homepage about web-browser compatibility issues.


I'm adding to this thread of mine because sooner or later, someone else is going to experience this and I just want them to think....web-browser.


The Internet is very young. What one browser can do, many more cannot.



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Me again. I'm following up once more because I finally received a reply from PayPal.


I and another had no problem sending our large carts (22+ items) when using the Firefox browser, but had nothing but trouble using IE 7.0.


I noticed someone called Joe Tester in my Who's Online feature within Admin this evening. Cart kept getting bigger and bigger.


I copied and pasted the IP address of Joe Tester into an IP lookup site, and it was eBay...who owns PayPal.


Five minutes later, Joe Tester is gone and I received the following reply to my inquiry to PayPal about why large carts can't connect and pay.


The problem is that your shopping cart is passing too many characters into

the description area of our site. So the shopping cart software will have

be modified so that it does not pass so much information into our checkout



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.


Just so you know. PayPal, apparently, is going to take the position that this is OSC related. Personally, I think it's web browser related, but...oh, well.


Just thought you OSC programmers might be interested in what PayPal had to say about the whole thing.

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