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The e-commerce.

Output to Paypal not sufficient


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Hello all.



Currently what happens is:


Orders are made, and they show up fine on the checkout page of my osC shop, but once I hit the confirm order button with the paypal payment option enabled the osC system directs the order to paypal.

The pay ammount is correct, but the description of products is added up and converted to just the name of my shop.


Is there a way to have the whole list of products outputted to paypal?

Or is it possible to make the osC system assign a unique ordernumber (that is also outputted in the confirm mail to customer) so that I can easily determine which payment goes with wich order?

If so: Can such a unique ordernumber also be printed in the osC orderlist?


I am fairly onknown with php, but I am eager to learn.

Can anyone help me with this?


Thanx in advance!

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This is my first day on OS Commerce, seems like a great tool. I read a post somewhere about this very thing and am now experiencing it myself.


I made a test purchase, the paypal payment simply has my company name in the order.


No where in the OS Admin can I see what the customer actually purchased. I remember reading in the post about this happening if a customer doesn't go back to your site. There was a solution, but now I can't find the darn posting after looking for an hour.


I can't see in OS Admin where it gives me a version of the Paypal module.


Sorry I'm such a noob, but I too am having the same problem.



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OK, After much digging I think this will get you and I 90% there (it worked for me)


Install V2 as directed...took me a while first module installation and all.



This fixed my problem for getting the order detail to return.


Now, if someone could give me a pointer on how to change the Payment method from saying, "Payment Method: MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_T" I'd be extremely grateful. I can probably figure it out messing with it, but a quick answer would save me time tomorrow night.


Thanks to myself for the first answer HEH,


And thanks in advance if someone can answer part two.


Give it a try and let me know if it works for you too Ctrl-T.



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