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Problems with using the German Parcel Shipping Module 1.0


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I'm having some problems with the German Parcel Shipping Module 1.0.

-I've added the tables to my dbase

-Then copied the files to the catalog map


But when I want to activate the module in admin, I can push the green button as much as I want, but it will stay red.


I hope that someone has the solution.


Ewoud Stehouwer

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  • 6 months later...

Sorry all. The time I posted the module, OSC didn't allow to upload new files to the same module and it never got changed. The 1.0. had a little bug which I fixed in 1.1. You can find it at www.sammysolutions.com/downloads/oscommerce (look for the ...version11.zip). There are 2 version files in the zip. One for before May 30,2002 [default] and after May 30. Check the readme.txt for info on that.


BTW, the module only works for older CVS versions (before the new shipping stuff has been introduced [sometime last year]). Haven't had time to update it to the newest release yet. Will try to do ASAP.


And here some more light to your question in the email on how it works to set up countries/zones:


<snip from readme>

The module supports the global (or local) shipping for weight and zones. The pricing in the tables are OUR current price table from German Parcel (Pricing might be different for other GP customers). Changes in the price-, postal- and country structure can be done with phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL editor.

The module can be adapted for sender with a similar structure (countries - postal code - weight dependent pricing). You just need to change the tables. Some postal (ZIP) codes contain spaces and letters. Enter those in capital letters and without a space. The module strips spaces and converts to uppercase. For Great Britain, only the first 2 letters of the postal code are used.

</snip from readme>


And here an example:


INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('DE', 1);

-->This maps the ISO2 country code to the gp_postal_to_weight table. So all entries for 1 on this table are linked to DE.


INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (1, '00000', '18564', 'DE1');

INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (1, '18565', '18565', 'DE2');

INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (1, '18566', '25848', 'DE1');

...<only a few lines extracted>...

-->This table contains postal code ranges (here 00000 to 18564 and 18565 to 18565) for DE (1) and links it to the weight table. For countries with different weight tables, this needs to be 3 digits!!! So postal code 00000 to 18564 and 18566 to 25848 use the DE1 value from the gp_weight table and 18565 uses DE2 from the gp_weight table.



INSERT INTO gp_weight VALUES ('DE1', '0-5:3.07,5-8:4.19,8-10:4.86,10-15:6.54,15-20:8.44,20-25:9.97,25-32:13.04,32-40:15.34', '350.0000', '-1.0000');


-->The weight price string for the DE1 table. Shipping over 350 Euro (or whatever is the default currency) is free.




This sample has only one price zone for the whole country. If the link to the weight table has only 2 digits (gp_postal_to_weight NO), the postal codes aren't checked:

INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('NO', 10);


INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (10, '', '', 'NO');


INSERT INTO gp_weight VALUES ('NO', '0-5:18.47,5-10:20.41,10-15:21.74,15-25:25.32,25-30:29.00,30-40:30.69,40-50:35.81', '-1.0000', '-1.0000');



REMEMBER that this was my first module for OSC. I most likely would do this different these days :-)


HTH and feel free to post additional questions here. Should be subscribed to this thread now.



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Thank you for helping us out... :)


As it stands now - as I cannot get the Zones module to work (OSC 28/3/2003) - your module is the only way to ship.


I am located in Denmark and would need 8 zones or so like e.g.










My main question (except "when is the new version ready? :)" is how to make these zones, where postage is the same to the whole country.


I have a hard time finding out what the different tables do and how they are linked. Bear in mind that I'm a PHP/SQL newbie.


Your example:

INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('NO', 10);
What is the "10"?



INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (10, '', '', 'NO');
here too?


INSERT INTO gp_weight VALUES ('NO', '0-5:18.47,5-10:20.41,10-15:21.74,15-25:25.32,25-30:29.00,30-40:30.69,40-50:35.81', '-1.0000', '-1.0000');
This one I can figure out, except the '-1.0000', '-1.0000'...


BTW, I am "using" 1.1

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I'll see what I can do.


Regarding the setup, the sequence for the tables is as follows:


gp_country_to_postal --> gp_postal_to_weight --> gp_weight


NO => 10 --> 10 => NO --> NO <weight string>


Here the 10 is a randomly chosen number to link the 2 tables (needs to be unique). If you want to have the same shipping to several countries you can do something like this:


INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('US', 22);

INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('PR', 22);

INSERT INTO gp_country_to_postal VALUES ('CA', 22);



INSERT INTO gp_postal_to_weight VALUES (22, '', '', 'G1');


INSERT INTO gp_weight VALUES ('G1', '0-1:40.90,1-2:44.48,2-3:48.57,3-4:54.19,4-5:60.33,5-6:67.49,6-7:71.06,7-8:74.13,8-9:77.20,9-10:81.29,10-11:83.85,11-12:86.40,12-13:88.96,13-14:91.52,14-15:94.07,15-16:96.63,16-17:99.19,17-18:101.74,18-19:104.30,19-20:106.86,20-21:108.90,21-22:110.95,22-23:113.50,23-24:115.55,24-25:118.10,25-26:120.15,26-27:122.71,27-28:124.75,28-29:127.31,29-30:129.35,30-31:131.40,31-32:133.95,32-33:134.00,33-34:138.56,34-35:140.60,35-36:143.16,36-37:145.20,37-38:147.76,38-39:149.80,39-40:151.85,40-41:153.89,41-42:155.94,42-43:157.98,43-44:160.55,44-45:162.59,45-46:164.63,46-47:166.68,47-48:168.72,48-49:170.77,49-50:172.81', '-1.0000', '-1.0000');




The-1.0000 stands for 'no free shipping' resp. 'no subsidized shipping'. If you put another value there (e.g. 100 in free shipping), shipping will be 0. I can't recall if I finished the subsidized shipping but the idea was, if you put a value in subsidized shipping, shipping will be subsidized by a set amount. The intend for that has been, e.g. to give free shipping for your country after a certain amount and subsidize shipping to other countries by about the same amount.

If you are interested in it, I can check this or if not finished, maybe even finish.





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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for the update. :D


Now I can enable the module in admin - but it does not seem to be active in the catalog (it doesn't show up). Any hints? I have moved all other modules except "store pickup" (contribution).


In the admin module I have 2 items under the "German Parcel" heading:

Enable German Parcel Method

-> and then a text field

Handling field

-> and then a text field


This seems pretty strange to me? Should the first not be a drop down: yes/no or radio buttons?

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That's strange. If you mail me the (login) info (catalog, admin, ftp and phpMyAdmin access) to Gunter at SammySolutions dot com, I will have a look at it.

There should be:


Enable Table Method



Handling Fee



Sort Order



Tax Class

Taxable Goods


Shipping Zone




You might want to disable and then enable again. Maybe the values didn't got written into the configuration table.




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I cannot do that as it is running on localhost (on non-fixed IP).


I can send you the PHP files you want and an SQL file if that helps?


Alternatively you can mail me at: web <at> fjelsten <dot> dk and I can send you the current IP. There should be no restrictions getting in.



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BTW, the original modules, e.g. "flat", works as expected (although I cannot click its status to red).


This is very strange.


I have tried inserting a couple of rows in the configuration table:


169 Tax Class MODULE_SHIPPING_GP_TAX_CLASS 2 Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. 0 5 2003-04-25 16:17:50 2003-04-25 16:17:00 tep_get_tax_class_title tep_cfg_pull_down_tax_classes(

170 Shipping Zone MODULE_SHIPPING_GP_ZONE 2 If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone. 0 6 2003-04-25 16:19:24 0000-00-00 00:00:00 tep_get_zone_class_title tep_cfg_pull_down_zone_classes(


But that didn't help.

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