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Admin problem with payments modules


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I was reading all about PayPal problems so I installed the contribution then the admin > payment module changed and the right box where you set all your options disappeared.


I removed the file and replaced with my back-up version but still no right box.

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I over-wrote the two paypal files with working ones and still no right box. I am not sure if I have made myself clear what section I mean.


I now cannot add the details for any of the payment methods such as setting my bank details because this far right section no longer loads.

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I am now at desperate stage!


I tried overwriting the entire admin pages plus the includes/modules/payment/ files with my back-up and the problem is NOT fixed.



I copied the payment modules page to compare to the same page that works.


1. The right box where you can install, edit etc does not appear

2. The footer does not load


The code ends at line 252. The same page that works, ends at line 307.


I am missing the Module directory which is .....includes/modules/payment/ and InfoBox content.


I guess all I can now do is do a total re-install and that I DO NOT WANT TO DO! I need a crying smilie right here!

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something worth verifying in this case is that the database in use is the one intended. Sometimes changing domains in the same server you forget to change the database in the configure.php. Also check the configuration table. If you installed a payment/shipping/total module that does not work it may cause trouble because of the entries it inserts into the table. Same can happen with the module files if there're errors with the code.

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