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Moved Store to New Server


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Hello, I have used Osc for a long time and like to think I am pretty versed. I have a probelm after moving this particular store, everything went well but, I am unable to access the admin panel.


I did change the name of the database...The installer fixed config.php but, I do not see any way to manually fix the configure.php in the admin folder...


Any help is very much appreciated.

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Does anyone have any idea what I can do to access the admin panel again?


Sounds like your current hosting provider moved your shop and DB, but didn't sync your new DBname and password WITH the NEW hosting provider's DB server address. I don't have access to my files to make sure my answer here is correct, but I believe you are to:


a) set a password during your database setup, even if you MOVE your DB to another hosting provider. According to your error message, you have your DB password set to "NO", meaning 'no password' is set, and your configure.php files and your database.php files are looking for that past password they used to use.


B) make sure the values you set for the DB Name and password are set on the serverside and accepted (meaning, you can log into your DB when you log into your hosting provider's C-Panel with the username and password you provided). Then, check in catalog/admin/database.php on line 19 to check the values against what the old ones were with your old hosting provider against what your new ones are with your new hosting provider. You should see something there saying 'localhost='username'....'password' that may (or may not) have changed.


c) make sure the changes are reflected in your configure.php file in both catalog/includes and in admin/includes folders.


As I said, I don't have access to the files at this moment, so I'm hoping someone who does can pick up where I left off here, if you need further help.


Good luck.

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