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Cart Count <> Actual!


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I am still configuring my site, however, with the one account I have created, for some reason it is saying there are 2 items in the cart - but when I view cart - nothing! If I add items, it will simply add 2 to the total. If I delete all items and update the cart, it still says 2.


I was editing my product info pages to display the ADD TO CART button in a different place on the product page, and at one time had two ADD TO CART buttons (with hidden fields) etc. on the page. I may have clicked add to see if it worked - perhaps this caused the extra items to be in the cart?


So far, with other accounts, it works fine - just this one account with 2 phantom items.


So 2 questions :


1) has anyone experienced this before?


2) Can I simply manually reset the cart total in my test account? My feeling is that it was a result of my playing with the ADD TO CART buttons. Or perhaps just delete/recreate that account?




Anthony David Adams

Madison, WI - USA

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I ended up just deleting the account. Seemed to solve the problem, but I'd still be interested in being about to adjust / view the cart from within the ADMIN section, etc.


Also - does anyone suggest a good solution for being able to add users manually from admin?



Anthony David Adams

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