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SQL Syntaxt help


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Hi guys - I've posted this on an SQl and a PHP newsgroup, but thought I'd put it out here as well.


The PayPal contribution is severely slowing down my site at checkout. The PayPal query goes like this :


SELECT o.orders_status,p.*

FROM orders o

LEFT JOIN paypalipn_txn p on p.item_number = o.orders_id

AND o.customers_id = <customer number> order by o.date_purchased desc limit 1


Thhis statement takes about 60 seconds to execute from phpMyAdmin.


I re-wrote the statement and my statement takes about half a second to execute - same results.

Can anyone out there verify that I am querying the exact same parameters as the oringial statment ?

Here is mine :


SELECT orders_status, paypalipn_txn . *

FROM orders

INNER JOIN paypalipn_txn ON item_number = orders_id

WHERE customers_id = <customer number>

ORDER BY date_purchased DESC LIMIT 1


As a side note - I noticed that the PayPal query gets executed even if the client choose another payment method! Crazy! I'll need to write a small loop before this query to ensure it is only getting executed if the client has chosen PayPal as their payment choice.



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