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The e-commerce.

Super n00b here! Stuck on step 1.... doh!


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If I had 0 experience, I'd probably be better off than I am now, but I feel that I have less than that, so here we go.


I'm testing this all on an old p3 dell which should be fine

I'm running a win2k sp4 environment

I've installed php, and apache server


..... now what? I've got the OSC folder extracted onto my desktop.


I read the setup instructions to copy the catalog folder to my web server document path, but I'm not exactly sure where that is, probably cause I haven't configured it yet. I dont remember specifying a web server document path....???


:blink: :blink:



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I forgot to mention, I've installed mysql as well.... I just hope all is set up correctly.


Would I be better off setting all of this up on Feora Core 6 or some other build of linux?



catalog folder goes in the 'htdocs' folder in your apache directory.

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