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The e-commerce.

Newbie have a few questions


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I have a few questions. I have been up and down on the contributions list but was unable to find just a few things. I have about 30 really good contributes installed including ultimate seo's.


It would help me out greatly if someone could look at my site and tell me what I can do to get the pics to load faster. http://www.c57.us I had a flash banner with music, but took it off and saw the page loaded much faster. How can I know how long it takes for one of my pages to load. Also how can I minimize music files. i'd love to have it but I can't figure out how to reduc the size of my .swf file.


Also, I hear and read a lot about getting a thumbnail contribute. Anything to help the pics load faster. What does that do and which is the best. I also need something for metas and header tags. I saw a few but one way of the other things are affected by the horizontal admin I have installed. Its great but sometimes new links don't show up and I have to add in column left of admin.


I would also like to know how people get those boxes to be in different shapes like the shape of a bottle with lace around it. decorative infoboxes.


Last but not least, I need something to keep track of my attributes. Example: I add a new product of xyz t shirt of 100 ct. Now I only have 50 black, 25 white etc. But when people order, it treats the stock ct as a whole and does not separate black, from white from blue. Any suggestions?


I know this post is a little weird. But I feel that everthing is so close to being perfect on my site and just need these last few things to wrap up unless someone suggests otherwise.


Also, how do link exchanges work, and where would I add links to?

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