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Order/customer problem in admin.. Strange one


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Hey all..


Hope you've all had a nice Christmas!


Just got an order in now, very strange this as it's never happend before (but then again since changing from another server to the new one lots of things have broken!) The payment logs i get the email etc, etc..


Goes to Admin/Orders through ACP and the order is there with no name against it, so i go into the order screen and there is no information availible for this order with reference to this customer.. All the product info is there but no customer info.


I managed to check the "Whos online" and caught the customer name which was lucky, and he has ordered from us before a few times all successful as well.. So i goes into edit customer to see his details and aha i get the following error:


Warning: reset(): Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/fhlinux179/w/watercoolinguk.co.uk/user/htdocs/catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 17


Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/fhlinux179/w/watercoolinguk.co.uk/user/htdocs/catalog/admin/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 18


This error seems to only display on this one customer account for some reason, i've tried adding his info back into the database through the ACP and through logging into MYSQL but for some reason it won't save.. comes up with the same error all the time.


For reference i have no "order without account" mod installed, it's pretty much a basic stock OSC checkout.


Any thoughts on what the error is and how to get the info back in the fields without asking the customer to re-create the order with a new account?

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Log into your datatabase and scroll down to 'orders', and click on it, then click the 'brows' tab and go to the last page of the orders to see if the information has been entered into the order for that customer. If not, edit and add the missing information then check the order in the admin panel to see if the information is there.


As to why your getting the error I don't know but this should at least get the right information in there for you.

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