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3 Important questions


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I have been through this forum now several times trying to find answers to my questions - I did note that others also posted the same questions, but there seems to be no answers for it - is it a situation where nobody knows the answers or was there just no response? Here are the questions I have:

  1. Rewrite slowing down site
    The site I am working on Tennant South Africa downloads extremely slow since the rewriting of the URLs to SEO friendly urls was installed. Is there a way that I could increase the speed with which the site downloads? Please note that over here in Africa many people are still on dial-up accounts and might leave the site when it loads so slowly.
  2. Session ID on first link clicked thereafter no session id, but SEO url
    I installed the recommended contributions as per advice in this forum:
    Spiders.txt and the November 2005 update 060817
    The November 2005 update got rid of the session id's but there is still a SID when you click on the first link.
  3. Drop-down with categories on manufacturers page disappeared how do I get it back?

We have SSL, MS 2.2 installed, mod rewrite is enabled etc.


I will appreciate it highly if someone could point me in the right direction for answers to these questions.

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1 - there is a slight slow-down when .htaccess is used but it should not be that noticeable. Are you sure it is not something else, like image size or the cache setting in admin being set too high? Even if the rewrite is causing the problem, you could probably side-step it by installing an auto thumbnail contribution. The speed gain it would, probably, provide would be enough to offset the loss of the rewrite.


2 - that is normal and does no harm as long as you have Prevent Spiders set to true in admin->configuration->sessions.


3 - Reverse whatever change you made to remove it. There is no way to know what you did to cause the problem so you will have to investigate that yourself.



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