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Email Oder confirm- increase nr of characters for 'Model' ?


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Does anybody know were can I define/change the number of characters from the 'model' field (the one which is received with the Purchase confirmation Email)?!?! :roll:


To be more clear:


In the Email that one receives as a confirmation of the order and the Email which notifies the Store Owner about that purchase, we have smth. like this:


Order Number: 3

Detailed Invoice: bla bla

Date Ordered: Thursday 26 September, 2002




Product Name (Model) = 1000 $


Sub-Total: 1000 $

Tax: 117 $

Total: 1000 $



For whatever reason, that "Model' that appears in brackets, is limited to max 12 characters, and I need to extent that number.


I am using the field to enter the serial number of each product, and is very useful to get it in the Order confirmation Email.


But I have no clue were that 12 characters limit is defined, and how can I change that.


By the way, I have tried directly in PhpMyAdmin and changed varchar (12) to varchar (64) in the 'Model' field, but it did not solve the problem. :(

Maybe there is an other limitation somewere in the code?!?! :?:



Please help!!!!!



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Changing the products_model type to varchar(64) will work, but not for products that have already be cut off by the old varchar(12)!!!


If you add a new product now, that will get the new model length atribute!



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I like your idea.


Could you tell me where exactly the file is that lets you alter the email text?


I know I have seen it before but can not remember where.

so you could save me loads of time.





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