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The e-commerce.

Customer and reciever is not the same (not on purpose)


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Problem: Customer 1 orders a product, and it's OK. Then customer 2 orders something, and the ordering process is normal, but customer 2 does not get an order confirmation.


Then, customer 2 can't log in to chech status, because OsCommerce cannot find him in the system.

The username and password he just made is not valid.


Then customer 1 logs in to his account, and he can see the product he just ordered, AND the product that customer 2 ordered.


Customer 1 is sending me a mail saying " i think someone hacked my account cause there is an order here that i didn't place, and the recieving adress is not mine, but the billing address is".


I thougt this was a one time thing, but today it happened again, it's the third time. But i've had over 100 orders, and this startet a couple of days ago! Havent added any contribs or anything in a long time, so i don't understand what it is.


In my system, i can see the same customer-name twice, but the first one is his real order (he is the customer, reciever and billing-adress). THe second order: He is the customer, and it is his billing adress, but the delivery name and adress belongs to customer 2 (and the product is whatever customer 2 ordered).



I really hope anyone can help me with this one, cause i don't know what to do!! May this have something to do with the traffic in the shop? Cause it has been crazy these christmas-days.


Here is a link to a picture that explains what i'm trying to explain here...

Thank you all in advance for any help.



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Are you using file based sessions on a shared server?


Try moving the sessions directory to a private directory or edit configure.php to use database based sessions instead

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I am having a similar issue with my shopping cart. This began occurring recently. However, I am not sure of the process as to how this is happening. It has affected a couple of customers already, too. No good!


My configure.php file has my sessions set up in the following manner:


  define('USE_PCONNECT', 'false'); // use persistent connections?
 define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql'); // leave empty '' for default handler or set to 'mysql'


What else can be done to correct this issue?


NOTE For me it seems that a customer places an order and the order is added to the database under the wrong customer_id.

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Bump :(


Anyone find a fix for this? I am having a customer order being entered into the ORDERS table under the wrong customers_id.


In the administration section when viewing an order I see the wrong customer information in the CUSTOMER column. The correct information is entered in the remaining SHIPPING ADDRESS and BILLING ADDRESS columns and the PAYMENT METHOD. However, I have no contact information for the ordering customer. It doesn't record their phone number, email, or anything.


ALSO, the checkout confirmation email is being sent to the wrong customer that the order is being saved as.


Please help!

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