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English.php DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!! What do I do.........


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My english.php was fine and today I went into my shop and noticed a lot of heading errors, so I looked in define language. I opened english.php and NOTHING...it's all gone!!!!!!!!!! I tried to restore from my backup....NOTHING. I can't translate from the other languages. How do I get it back???????


Someone, ANYONE, please help with this......:shock:


Thank you soooo much


Bobbi H.

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It may seem bad, but all is not lost. First let us know what version you are using. v2.1 or 2.2. Also what snapshot date. If you don't know your snapshot exact snapshot date a rough guess will do.


You may just be able to download a current snapshot and use english.php from there.


The main thing is not to panic.


After that you need to find out why a file should suddenly corrupt. The first point of contact is your hosting provider. Bug the hell out of them. This is not acceptable.


Once again don't panic, just makes things worse

Trust me, I'm an Accountant.

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another thing to think about is if anyone has access to your admin and are your files writable. Someone could have gone in to your admin section in the file manager topic and just deleted it. You may want to change your pasword regarding your administaion section

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