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<body onload='showPrice(cart_quantity);' > not working in Fire fox


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Hi All,


Have been trying to get a bit of code working in firefox for displaying a product price from a drop down option.


Works in IE and Opera, validates but no joy in Fire fox.


After going round in circles for a while I started doing some sanity checking, this works in all 3 browsers


<body onload='alert("onload");' >


This only works in IE and Opera:

<body onload='showPrice(cart_quantity);


From inside the head tags:

 function showPrice(form)
alert("Begin showPrice");


Although, in firefox if you then change the option in the drop down the price displays!


Here's a link of the page



and the php code for the page in a txt file



Hoping someone can help,


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<body onload='alert("onload");' >



Found a way to do it, tnx to all that had a look:


<body onload="showPrice(document.forms['cart_quantity']);" >

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