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Table shipping not long enough


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Hey all,


Just getting my hands dirty with osCommerce and I had a question about the weight tables. We carry allot of different items all with different weights. I'm trying to find the easiest solution for calculating the shipping. I would prefer to stay away from 3rd party calculators (FedEx, UPS, etc.) unless it's absolutely necessary.


We just quit using Channel Advisor and I'm looking for something equivalent to what they use. In OSC, there is only 1 row with a max of 255 chars, and they are separated by commas. On CA's site, there are many rows with "a rule" on each row and the ability to add more so that it's virtually unlimited.


Here's an example of the rule I made for OSC that was too long:

















On CA's site, it was more like:







Add another row


If anyone could give me a hand I would greatly appreciate it.



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SOLVED! But hacked :P


I just put this in the top of the file:


define('MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_CUSTOM_COST', '0:0.00,10:14.99,20:19.99,30:29.99,40:39.99,50:49.99,60:54.99,70:54.99,80:54.

99,90:59.99,100:59.99'); //sniped for forum


Then I changed:


$table_cost = split("[:,]" , MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_COST);




$table_cost = split("[:,]" , MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_CUSTOM_COST);


So that way it reads it from the file instead of the database. The only other thing I saw was modifying the database table that holds the original information and change it to LONGTEXT. But I read to many posts about this slowing down the database substationally to go that route.

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