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The e-commerce.

Shipping problem, Please suggest a solution


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I ship live lobsters overnight by fedex.


The shipping for overnight is normally like 50-200 dollars depending on the size of the order. People will not order if the shipping is not included because the shipping price scares them off. They see lobsters for 10 dollars each and then shipping for 60 dollars and they get scared away. All my competitors build the shipping price into the items. So instead of selling 2 lobsters for 10 dollars and then 60 dollars for shipping, they just say 2 lobsters shipped free for 80 bucks.


The problem is that if I build the price into the orders I have to list all my lobsters in bunches. For example 2 lobsters 60 dollars, 3 lobsters 70 dollars, 4 lobsters 80 dollars and so on. Not only is this sort of confusing to the customers but also doesn't look that great on my site and leads me to my next problem


I also sell chowder and other seafood items. I can't build the shipping into the price of these items because I would have to charge 55 dollars for 1 quart of chowder just to cover my shipping! (5 dollars for the chowder, 50 dollars for the shipping). But if the person orders lobsters I can include the choder for almost nothing because they are paying to have the lobsters shipped anyway!


Can anyone else think of a way I could address this problem? I wish I could just charge whatever fedex does for shipping but people wont pay 20 dollars for lobsters and 60 dollars for shipping, but they will pay 80 dollars for lobsters total. Its like a psycological thing.

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