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Product listing with added fields


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I added a couple of extra fields to the db (tep 2.2 CVS 20/09/02)


It all seems to be working, when I search using either the category selection, or the manufacturer selection, the new product listing headings look fine, like this:


House Fragrance+ Size (mL) Type Normally Our Price


However, when using the search functions (quick or advanced search) the table headings look like this instead:


Manufacturer Product Name+ TABLE_HEADING_SIZE Model TABLE_HEADING_RRP Price


SIZE and RRP are the extra fields I added. Everything is behaving properly, except for the table headings. As both seem to be calling the product_listing module I'm somewhat perplexed as to why the headings aren't being read in properly from english/default.php when a search is done.


If anyone can suggest why this is occurring I'd be grateful.



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It seems the column headings have to be defined twice, once in languages/english/default.php (which covers all the output except the free search) and again in languages/english/advanced_search.php (for the search output.


As they both use the product_listing module as the base output, is there a reason for the double-up?

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