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Semaphore Problems - Looping?


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I moved my site away from Godaddy, where I was having nothing but trouble and outages and onto a vps - but perhaps I was wrongly maligning Godaddy, because I am having more troubles now. The host is somewhat supportive and checked to see what was wrong and why my resources were all used up, and they came back with this:


I've logged into your VPS and found that good number of Apache processes are running there (list of processes can be found at the end of this message) and are wait for semaphore to be released:


# strace -p 28103

Process 28103 attached - interrupt to quit

semop(0, 0x80d99f4, 1


Process 28103 detached


# ipcs -a


------ Shared Memory Segments --------

key shmid owner perms bytes nattch status

0x00000000 0 root 600 368644 132 dest


------ Semaphore Arrays --------

key semid owner perms nsems

0x00000000 0 nobody 600 1


------ Message Queues --------

key msqid owner perms used-bytes messages




Looks like one of the applications on your sites is using semaphores for whatever needs and a) fails to release the semaphore and B) is waiting for semaphore to be released in never ending cycle.

To clear up resources I had to kill all Apache processes:


# killall httpd


Remove the semaphore:


# ipcrm -s 0


And start Apache back:


# service httpd start

/etc/init.d/httpd start: httpd started



I would suggest to review applications running on your sites in attempt to find any that may be using system semaphores and check with that application vendor to find out if they have any updates or anything like that.



But I cannot get any response on OSCommerce that seems relevant with semaphores, and most of this is not understandable to me. Can anyone please help?? Thanks,


OsMyrna :o

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