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The e-commerce.

graphic missing


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On the home page of oscommerce on the site i am building, you can see an image to the right of where it says "What's New Here?"..... which is great.


When i click on any of the categories......my image is then missing as if the image has NOT been uploaded (white box with red x in the middle)


I have looked through a helluva lot of php files in my build and cant locate the height and width of this graphic. Doesnt matter if i change the size of the graphic and upload it .....it remains at 57 x 40


Any idea of why its not showing?....


Please help as this is pretty much the only thing left on this build and its doing my head in !!!! :D

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are the permissions set to CHMOD 777 for the image.

Is the image anme correct.

Has the image been uploaded in the correct format.

Is the path to the image correct.


The size is set in the admin panel under mystore configuration images


If you do a view source on your webpage you will be able to see the html for the image

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