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Hi all;


I have an off the wall question and wanted to see if

this is possible to do.


Here's my idea .... I will be adding several affiliate

banners to my site for different products. Instead of

cluttering up my site with these links, I'd like to create

a box the customer can click and be directed to a seperate

page to view all the links.


Now .... I know how to do the above mentioned, but my

question is .... can I place these link boxes only on certain

product pages instead of the entire site? For example, I am

selling cookies on my site. I'd like to put a new box that would

link to other food sites but have the link boxes only appear

on my cookie pages.


I hope I explained that well enough lol. Anyway, is this

possible to do? Suggestions? Help?


Thanks in advance,


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<?php if (isset($_GET['cPath']) && $_GET['cPath'] == YOUR_COOKIE_CATEGORY) { ?>

insert code something like this where you want the add to apear.



Thanks hon, I'll give it a try :thumbsup:

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Hi there;


I've tried the above code in a couple of places

but it seems not to be working out. I might be

trying to place the code into the wrong file.

Could you suggest the best place to place it?

I would think possibly product_info.php?


Thanks in advance,


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