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How do you change the Page Title that appears in your Browser Bar?


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I just finished downloading a free template from deepvision.us for my new website. When I go to my home page, instead of my IE Browser Bar displaying the name of my website, innov8tivedesigns.com, it has "Free osCommerce Templates by deepvision.us" in the top Browser Bar and on my page tab in IE7. I looked in the index.php code, but I cannot find where to change this.


Does anyone out there know where this piece of code is stored so I can change it.





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I think that I may have found it in my admin Configuration file. I now have another bizarre problem. When I go to my osCommerce Admin page (You know, the blue box where you can set all your website settings) and go to the configuration section, there are 2 of everything! 2 "Store Name" lines, 2 "Store Owner" lines, 2 "E-mail Address" lines Etc, Etc. This is the same in the Minimum Values, Maximum Values, Images and so on for every gatagory within the Configuration section?


What Happened?


And more important, How do I fix it? If I edit one of the lines, the other one stays the old way. I guess I could change both in every instance, but obiously something has "Double installed" somehow, and I need to go in and change something to fix it.


Patiently waiting for assistance!



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If you found that option in your admin section, you are not using a standard shop. Just want to clear that up in case someone read this thread and spent hours looking for it.


As for the other problem, that is caused by your database. I can't imagine what would have caused it. The only fix is to replace or edit the database.



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