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Best Contrib. To Install


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Hello all :D this will be my second outing with OSCommerce and adding the contributions to it. The first time around, i made a site for a small student ran hookah company, called Minnesota Hookahs, which you can see at: http://www.mnhookahs.com (still not live, waiting on them to get the payment gateway) and i did decent for my first time with it. The theme was coded fast, to meet my deadline, and alot of things were rushed. Well now that they have a decent site, compared to there original (found at http://www.mnhookah.com) i have started work on redoing the site with better coding on the design side, and am going to completly redo the install of OSC.


Well my biggest question, is what do you think are some of the most important contributions to add? I added some i think were just kinda stupid last go round, and i didnt install some i see now as needed. Plus i was doing it all by hand at first, now i have winmerge to make things go smoother :D


So far, the ones i have downloaded to install are:


QTPro 4.25 - Quantity Tracker

Ajax Shopping Cart V1 Beta

HeaderTags V2.6.1


Simple Template System

OTF Auto Thumbnailer 2.1.2b

Purchase Without Account

Order Editor

Add Store Details To 'Contact Us'

Authorize.net Invoice Fix

E-mail HTML Order Link - Fixed

Credit Card Fraud Detection Service - Maxmind

Discount Coupons

Product Attribute Sort

Protection of Configuration

Updated Spiders.txt

Wishlist 3.5d

Order IP Recorder


Thats all i have downloaded right now. I know theres gotta be some really good important ones im missing. I dont mind having to install 30 contributions, or more. I got months to do this. The redo of the design in xhtml and css wont take more than a week, so i got time to work on the osc install.


And they dont want CCGV. They didnt like the way it worked, so for now they just want discount coupons, which works for me :D


Thanks for any help, i usually say all, but the last 2 topics i posted got none, so thanks for any help :D

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Ok to that above list, ive now added these contributions:


Monthly Sales & Tax Report

Extra pages-info box w/ admin

USPS Methods

Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v6.2

Freeamount 3.5



Still searching through the mass of em. trying only to get ones i think will be usefull and help the site. I just keep finding so many XD im up to around 32 now, i dont even wanna know how long its going to take to install em all and get em all working error free :lol: :thumbsup: :blink:

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What about:

Easy Populate

PayPal IPN

Google Checkout

Google Base



Ajax Shopping Cart V1 Beta

are you sure you wish to use Beta or uncompleted module?

Please read this line: Do you want to find all the answers to your questions? click here. As for contribution database it's located here!

8 people out of 10 don't bother to read installation manuals. I can recommend: if you can't read the installation manual, don't bother to install any contribution yourself.

Before installing contribution or editing/updating/deleting any files, do the full backup, it will save to you & everyone here on the forum time to fix your issues.

Any issues with oscommerce, I am here to help you.

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