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The e-commerce.

Any1 has a 'nicer' acknowledgement email.....


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Coz the default email that customers and admin received after customer bought an item looks too simple... i've checked 'contributions' page but don't really know which one is the add-on that i need..



I need to have a 'fancier' acknowledgement email template... and how do i implement it onto my site?


Thanks again...

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If you've got a little HTML experience,* dig into checkout_process.php (at the root of your osC install).


Backup your copy of checkout_process.php, and then search for $email_order (my file is heavily modified, but it's roughly 3/4 through the file). You may have a comment above this indicating that this is where the email confirmation starts.


Start experimenting with HTML code here. For example:


$email_order .= '<p style=""font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:0.86em;">' . EMAIL_TEXT_SALUTATION . '</p>';


With a little bit of work, you can display their order confirmation in a nice clean table, add a logo, embed hyperlinks in the text, etc.




*HTML emails have some quirky weirdness above and beyond HTML for web browsers. A quick tour of Google will give you some good tips or leave you cowering and mumbling in a dark corner, convinced of the utter futility of it all. Happy coding!

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