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Help (for a novice) with calling up individual pages!


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hi. i am making changes to my company site, www.morpheusm.com

it was my colleague (who has now left) who did all the design of the site, so i am pretty much a novice on this- so any help would be greatly appreciated!

when i go through my list of products, (i think it calls up all my images etc. through php) what i would ideally like is to include a text section above one of the headers, but only on one of the sections. (i dont think i am explaining this very well!!)

i have three sections- digital media, SMS, web TV. each image for the title of each section is called up from a php-reference. but only on one section i would like to have a bit of introductory text explaining the section.


Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated- feel free to have a look on www.morpheusm.com if you have free time on your hands and are feeling particularly generous and helpful!


thanks to anyone who has suggestions!

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there is a really great contribution (I recommend it highly) that does just what you want


Category Descriptions contribution for osCommerce 2.2


Author: Brian Lowe <[email protected]>

Date: September 2002 (version 1.1)

July 2002 (version 1.0)


Contribution Version: 1.1

osCommerce version: 2.2

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