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The e-commerce.

Need some help transferring a site please


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I'm trying to transfer Os Commerce from another host to my own hosting site for a friend. I've transferred all the files and the database, done the permissions and it's all working ok (in general). I can login to the admin, make changes, etc.


However, when I go to view a product, I'm told the product was not found. Upon hacking into the code a little to output some debugging info, it looks like the product_id is being read as 0. The url is:




So the product Id should be read as 556. I've never used Os Commerce before so it's new to me - is there a server setting I need to look at to allow the '/products_id/556?' part to be registered in HTTP_GET_VARS? That's where it looks for the variable, but when I do a print_r on it, all I get is the osCsid.


I'm sure this must be a simple answer but I can't find it...? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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As I undertood, may be you will not see the products that have been addedin the previous hosting, just you can see correctly the new products you add.

This is may be because it try to find any sql process with the previous database permissions or something like this.

I recommend you to take all the files from the previous hosting, copy them to your hosting and reinstall the oscommerce. After this, you will need to take the tables of the saved sql ant insert them to the new sql that has been created in the new instalation.

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