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Weird issue with top link


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I installed osc to my live server after setting the same store up in a test environment. After installation the breadcrumb link 'Top' sends the user back to the domain root and not to the first page of the store.


Alll of the directory definitions in the config.php file seem to be correct.


Has anyone come accross this, and if so what was your solution.




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I am also experiencing similar issues with breadcrumb links and configurations. The difference is that I want the top to link to a homepage which then links to the store.


In the test environment, it worked well, however everything needed/needs to be reconfigured once it was on the server, and now the top is the store, even though I wanted it to be linked to the domain root.


On both config files, I listed the HTTP_SERVER and HTTPS_SERVER as 'http://siteAddress.com/catalog/', so the top links to the catalog index.

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Sorry my post was a bit misleading, the test store i created was more for kicks and to make sure i could figure it out, when i setup the second store (to be the live one) i did it from scratch as well on another server.

Other than some images and the stylesheet none of the files were carried over form the initial install.


So if i understand correctly michelle, i am having the exact issue you are trying to have, except that i do not want to link back to the main website but have that link to the main OSC page.


I have added my catalog directory to the 2 lines you spoke of which fixed my top link issue, but in return broke the links to my stylesheet and all the site images. I will have to live with it for now, and keep tinkering with it when time permits.


Thanks for the response.



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I had the same problem today. Thanks for the posts...you got me thinking. If you pull up the page that has all the broken links and such and look at the source code, you will see where the mistakes are when look at a broken link. For instance, when I first moved my store to a new directory, I changed my 'DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG' from '/catalog/' to '/covercraft/catalog/' to fix all of my links. Then I realized that my top link in the nav bar linked back to my root domain still. When I read this post, I changed my 'HTTP_SERVER' to 'http://www.justjetskis.com/covercraft' to point to the right place as my nav top.


This is when I was in the exact same shape as you. So I checked my source code from the page, not file manager. My links were showing up as ....../covercraft/covercraft/..... because I forgot to change my 'DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG' back to just plane old '/catalag/'.


Make sense? Everything is working just fine now.



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