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Customer re loggin in issues


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I sort of browse around a few pages and wondering if someone had information about this for me. My site is fine when it comes to creating an account. It's when the customers come back to the site, they can't log in. I don't know if this has been explained already, if it has, I apologize ahead of time and hope someone would point me in the right direction. The password and username does exist in the database. I just recently switch over to ssl, so I don't know if this might be the cause of it. Everything seems to be working find except for when the customers comes back and tries to log in. I tried myself and I can't get in. I don't think it's a cookie thing, because when they create an account it seems fine. Thanks ahead of time.

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I am having the same isssue. Customers are able to create an account, shop and complete an order. However, when they try to login again they get the following error:


"Error Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password. "


When you request the password delivered to you that password does not work either.


The change seemed to happen during a period of time where I made no alterations to OSC files or database. I have been through the forums and found nothing. I will continue to dig the forums but please let me know if you find anything out as well.


Anyone esle have a similar problem?

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...just a follow up from me. I tried again this morning to logout of the store and back in as a customer. it worked like normal without the error customers and I were getting last night. I tried several times and could not recreate the error. Now my store is just back to working normal. I can't complain too much about that but I am nerveous that it's going to happen again.


phoenixD112 I was curious if you were using Jumpline as your hosting company? Since we both couldn't find this issue elsewhere on the board we should find out what we are doing different from everyone else.


Thanks in advance for any help.


- Jason

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