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The e-commerce.

Product ID is 0??


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I'm trying to transfer Os Commerce from another host to my own hosting site for a friend. I've transferred all the files and the database, done the permissions and it's all working ok (in general). I can login to the admin, make changes, etc.


However, when I go to view a product, I'm told the product was not found. Upon hacking into the code a little to output some debugging info, it looks like the product_id is being read as 0. The url is:




So the product Id should be read as 556. I've never used Os Commerce before so it's new to me - is there a server setting I need to look at to allow the '/products_id/556?' part to be registered in HTTP_GET_VARS? That's where it looks for the variable, but when I do a print_r on it, all I get is the osCsid.


I'm sure this must be a simple answer but I can't find it...? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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