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First load of index page generated incomplete tags


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Since I installed osCommerce I got this strange problem. I've seen someone posting the same in 2004 but he foudn the problem himself in the php.ini file and fixed it without describing what it was.


From here and all other PCs I tried on when you first open this url




The closing table tag </table> of the last "box" object on the right column is incomplete. If you type in the URL you will see tables are all messed up and if you view the source and search for a "</" alone you will find one. Still if you refresh the page things show up fine.


I did some debug myself... in the code, checking if the PHP string that contains the HTML code was OK and it was. It always contains all the tag. Still the only difference I found between the first load of the page and the page afte rthe refresh is that all the variables in the code that print a "box" are longer.. the string lenght is bigger.


The oter user on this forum said something was wrong in his PHP.INI.. I did try to reproduce the problem on my PC but I'm on windows, and my hosting is on linux, with surely a different version of apache and maybe php.


I compared my php.ini file and the one from my hosting and tried to make mine look like their (excep for stuff related to path on the server) and still can't reproduce it here, so cannot debug.


Anyone has seen this in the past? Again I am pretty sure if you type in the url in Internet Explorer you will see thing like I see them (look at the column right)



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