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Template customization


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I am new to OSC how do i customize the the look so that it looks exactly like my existing site. Is there a template built in that i might be able to edit. any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi Junie,


When we decided to go with OSC we looked at all of the 'live' stores for a design that closely resembled our original site. We have an animated javascript header and that was the hardest part, primarily because I know little about javascript and couldn't do it myself. We had to hire out to get that installed and working but everything else is my work.


My suggestion is to find a template that closely resembles your site and then spend your free time altering your working OSC (make sure your OSC Store is completely installed and working as you want it, always keep a backup).


Once our site was installed we went with a free template identified as Template 50 (http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/57_50.html) and I then spent hours adjusting the stylesheet.css, index.php and many more files through trial and error and by asking questions here. "How do I change ..." was my subject line along with whatever I was changing. I needed to reduce the width of our site as close to 600 pixels as possible so I reduced the size of the table the whole site is created in. And then, through trial and error, I changed background and font colors, deleted a table row to tighten up the length of the page.


To do this I used the latest release of FireFox and installed the FireFTP extension which opens an FTP window in a second tab. That way I could quickly download a file, say the index.php, to my desktop, and start from the top of the script working my way down. I'd change a color from #FFFFFF to #000000 (white to black), upload it back then jump back to the other tab, reload the page and see what effect it had. Always, of course, keep a copy of the original file you are changing just in case you screw something up.


I wish there was an easy way to do it, such as a smart program that would change the code as you dictate, but I know of nothing like that. What I did learn from the whole process was how my site was put together and where I would go to change this or that.


I hope this helps!


Lisa (Greene)



P.S. Take a look at Warp City then take a look at Template 50 and you'll see how my modifications altered the original template. Our WCStore now looks like it is just another feature of our site.

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This is a very common question. Simple answer, there is no built in template and you will have to figure out how to do the customizing by using this forum or other publications on OSC. There is a contribution called Simple Template System that may be of some help to you. Here is the link:



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