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Paypal: credit card payment without an account


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This is more a question about Paypal's policies than about osCommerce. I hope that this is the right place to ask.


-I am setting up an osCommerce shop, and currently testing the IPN and Basic Website Payment features.

-I am testing everything through the sandbox, nothing is live at all.

-My website is currently just on my computer (localhost), there is nothing on any public server.


I have set up a seller account in the sandbox, both "business" and "verified". All the data and info from my site is passed correctly to Paypal, all works well, except this:

every time I test a purchase, I get a "Signing up for a PayPal account will be required to complete this purchase.". Whatever the amount of the purchase or the browser (tested in Opera 9, Firefox 2 and IE6), the buyer never gets a chance to pay without having to set up a Paypal Account.


Being able to receive payment via credit cards from people without a paypal account is what I am after. So far, this doesn't work at all with the sandbox. How can I solve this problem?


-is it due to my location (I am in Germany, and the fake seller I set up in the sandbox is also in Germany)?

-is it due to the amount of the purchase (my shop should have orders ranging from US$5 to US$200 max)?

-is it due to the fact that I am testing this from localhost (ie the IP of the shop and the IP of the test buyer are the same)?

-does it have something to do with the account? This seller in the sandbox is "non-US verified business".


To sum-up: what is needed to accept credit card payments from somebody who doesn't have a paypal account?


Thank you for your help.

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Paypal->profile->Website Payment Preferences->Paypal Account Optional.




Actually, I asked on the Paypal forum, and Germany is the only country where buyers must have a Paypal account to use their credit cards. :-(


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Paypal->profile->Website Payment references->Paypal Account Optional.

Thanks, Jack! I thought I was cracking up. That's where I'd checked/found. Apparently, I need to contact PayPal. I have this setting set properly, but it's still requiring accounts to be setup - *sigh* (I'm not in Germany, either - good ol' US)

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