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The e-commerce.

Sport the OSC site :)


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Aint it scarey when you're surfin for stuff, and start to notice indepth techy stuff on how sites are setup, then suddenly think, hey, thats OSC coding :)..




Dunno if this was advertised as a live site, but they've obv done a few mods :)


Maybe we should setup a list of sites that arent on the 'live sites' bit!!



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maybe if people have not posted it they have done it for a reason.


Dont think it would be nice to betray them in that way.


As nice as this site may appear they have a lot of problems they need to sort out.

Poor coding and errors all over.


But hey! Who hasnt? :lol:



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I went to your site ... and perhaps you are not aware of this error, but on a 1600x1200 display when on products like:


The Image and the Click to enlarge shoot outside the store's normal boundries, as in off to the right of the right column.


From the looks of it, I think you are including a table in your product description. You might need to do that a little differently.

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Tut tut


And to think I thought Linda always read all the posts. ;)


Just kiddin.


This site isnt either of ours.

It was just mentioned that Guyver stumbled on this site, and he noticed it was based on OSC.


So thanks for the advice, but I am afraid it does not help us or them. :)



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No helpful advice form me on this one but i too agree... answering posts when just waking or before going to bed leads me to eating crow :) too funny, i thought i was the only one who had a total brain melt down during those times :?

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