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Very confusing customer log in issues


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Ok...I'll try to explain this best I can, but it's so intermittent it's got me baffled.


I've set up an OSCommerce store for a hobby shop. We've been busily adding products to the catalog, no problem. However, it seems that any activity that requires that the customer log in is flaky at best.


For example, yesterday I tried to write a review for a product. I went to the product, clicked the write review link, and it asked me to log in. Fine, I log in, and I'm taken back to the main page. Now, it recognizes I'm logged in, as it greets me by name...but if I navigate back to that product and attempt to write a review, it asks me to log in again, with the same results.


Similar things happen when attempting to ORDER a product. I add the product to my cart, click check out, same behaviour...I'm asked to log in, and upon doing so, told my cart is empty. This happens EVEN if I log in before ever selecting an item to purchase.


The kicker of all this is..it's intermittent. At various times, I've been able to complete the order or review process just fine, no problems.


I've done everything I can think of to narrow down a cause, but to no avail. The problem(s) occur, seemingly randomly, in Firefox 1.x, Firefox 2.0, IE 6.0, IE 7.0...they occur, again randomly, on 4 different computers on 3 different networks. I've cleared cookies out, that didn't change anything. I've deleted SSL certs, no change. I've tried enabling/disabling various FF extensions, no change. I'm pretty much at a loss, as I've been unable to find ANYthing consistent about the behviour.


The ONLY "odd" thing I can think of, though it certainly doesn't seem to be anything OSC wouldn't be able to handle, is that I'm using a shared SSL cert from the hosting company...as a result, whenever we go to an HTTPS page (such as logging in) the URL in the browser's address bar goes from storeurl.com to hostingcompany.com Related?????


Any ideas on where to start looking would be appreciated.

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as you switch urls cookies will sease to function.

either stop the use of the cookie, or use a similar url


Thanks for the input, jdvb.


Using a similar URL doesn't appear to be an option, as we're using a shared certificate from the hosting provider, so that configuration is pretty much "locked" as is.


You also mention to stop the use of the cookie....???? Not sure what you mean by that, though i CAN say that the OSCommerce configuration is set NOT to force cookie use.

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not forcing the use of it still alows it, and when you go to a different website (different URL, the cookie does not aply)


try setting the cookie paths to /fdsgdsggfdsgfdsvgfdsg/dfsgsdfg/fvds/ or something alike, and see if you then can do something that works when switching between http and https


(you will then always see the osCsid in the url, but can change what that looks like (replace osCsid with anything you like, it it defined in two variables in includes/application_top.php (search for osCsid and replace all instaces of it with a few letters of your own choise (no html special characters to be used)))

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try setting the cookie paths to /fdsgdsggfdsgfdsvgfdsg/dfsgsdfg/fvds/ or something alike, and see if you then can do something that works when switching between http and https


That looks to have done the trick.


Thanks tons!

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