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The e-commerce.

Volume Discounting 1=$10, 5=$40, 10=$70 etc


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One way of doing this is through the attributes.


If you need specific control over the price based on the attributes so the price does not show up as $0.00 on these product my Free Call for Price v3.8 has an Attribute Base Price feature where it takes the lowest price of each group and makes it the Displayed Price.


Then you can code the attributes as:


Quantity 10 $10

Quantity 25 $20

Quantity 50 $30


Or do you need something more specific that manipulates the price based on specific quantity discounts when the user can order 12 and you want to get those unit costs?

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With the discounts based on quantity, this would need to also ensure that if they pick quantity 25 for $20 each, that the quantity ordered is set to 25 (and not changeable by the user), and the line/subtotal takes this into effect (making the line item cost at $500 in this example).


If it didn't do the above, and the quantity remained 1, this would need additional products to be defined, which would of course defeat the object of trying to do this from a single product with attributes and some code.


We also need the same sort of thing, basically discounts based on quantity ordered. In our case, we'd ideally like to be able to set a quantity value per product, and this would be both the minimum and the increase in quantity of a product being purchased (in english I think I mean setting this to say 25, which means you can only order in batches of 25. 25, 50, 75, etc). Each of these quantities would attract a discount rate (so 25 @ $20, 50 @ 18$, 75 @ 16$ etc)


I've not checked Linda's contrib yet to see if this indeed already does this, so this may of course all be a mute point.

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The new Free Call for Price v4.0 has quantity minimum and units in it.


I have not broken this out as a stand along, but you might grab it off my site to see how this is done.


It would force the right quantity/units on products with values set > 1


If your discounts are across the board % you could customize the pricing based on quantity ordered. If not, there could be an additional table added with products_id, products_quantity_min and products_quantity_discount that can then be used to look up prices individually for products based on quantity ordered.


If you were to grab a select of this new table based on products_id and add a where statement for products_quantity_min >= how many are ordered and order it by products_quantity_min the first one in the select would contain your discount rate.

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Thanks for the wise words. I've got hold of your v4 contib, and will work through this. Its looking good that I can just work as you said, with a common discount of say 7.5% across the board based on the unit quantity etc.


Now that you are a "member" of the core osC team, will you be pushing any of your code into the main CVS? Most people seem to have added in your contribs, so it makes sense to make them a core component. As they don't add much in terms of size, and are pretty easy to enable/disable, it will still allow people who don't want specific functions to disable them, whilst those who have to keep in line with the 2.2 CVS can just install it without all that "merging" hassle we all have to wade through.

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I will not be pushing the code for the current version, but if any of my contributions are accepted for it I wouldn't be unhappy able it :D


I still have a number of things that I want to change about them to make them more seamless and in better compliance than they are now.


They are all getting there, but I want perfect :wink:

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