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set up Payment gateway with VIAKLIX


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Hi, can anyone tell me step-by-step process of setting up payment gateway with VIAKLIX ?


what I have done so far?


1. installed Oscommerce


2. bought payment gateway from VIAKLIX.

(note : This payment gateway doesn't need any installations, instead have to modify the oscommerce payment.php to do consider payment gateway URL, merchant id, user id and pin #).


3. I have the payment gateway's API, secure Socket URL, merchantd id, user id and pin.



What I need from OScommerce :


4. I need to plugin: secure URL (that' where it connects to the merchant payment gateway), merchant id, user id and pin into OSCommerce "payment.php" or any other pages to accept Credit cards then the transaction has to be initiated.


5. Any Oscommerce API or PDF or URLs or step-by-step process will help me to do that.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I am using the viaKlix module found in the payment modules section, but I am having trouble getting to work properly. Everything seems to be working until you submit your payment. It might be a good place to start. Rather than going at it from scratch.


I think I read that it is not compatible with the latest osCommerece version, but I'm new at this and don't completely understand yet.


have you had any luck?

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John, I have downloaded the viaklix.php from payment module but couldn't work it out. It is not displaying VIAKLIX as a payment option at the time of check out. If you could let me know how to get the VIAKLIX as a payment option on payment confirmation at the time of check out, I am sure I can debug the problem whatever you have and can help you out. If you wish to correspond to me, please P(ersonal) M(ail) me.

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