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Suggestion to improve the Forum > Usenet interface...


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Right now the articles on the news server don't have any threading info,

which makes life a bit hard. Most news readers will make a best guess at

threading based on subject. It assumes that "[osc-general] foobar" is the

first article in the thread, and "Re: [osc-general] foobar" is a follow-up,

and sorts follow-ups by date, which is fine.


However the follow-up articles coming from the forums are in the format

"[osc-general] Re: foobar", which totally messes up news readers threading.

Can we either sort out the subjects properly, with the "Re:" before the

"[osc-general]" bit, or drop the [osc-general]" bit altogether, since this

was only really needed for the mail list, which doesn't exist anymore?



"Verbogeny is one of the pleasurettes of a creatific thinkerizer." - Peter da Silva

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For some reason MailMan is rewriting the Message-ID's on the posts being sent to the news server.


We have been looking for a solution so that the original Message-ID is kept, which is preventing us from enabling write mode from the news server.


This is important so that threading is correct on both forums and news servers.


If anyone has any ideas, please get in contact ;)

:heart:, osCommerce

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