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Faq in information box doesnt work


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first of all the Faq listing in the information box on the catalog page shows up as BOX_INFORMATION_FAQ. and when I click on it it tries to take me too http://www.bullislandmerchandising.com/cat...og/FILENAME_FAQ


If I manually point my browser to /catalog/zz_faq.php it loads fine and displays a sample faq I put in just for testing


Seems like the information box is just displaying and linking to the wrong thing.


Anyone have any ideas?


thanks in advance

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just add the following into catalog/includes/application_top.php


define('FILENAME_FAQ', 'zz_faq.php');


there is a list of filename defines in application top, just add it to that list




define('FILENAME_FAQ', 'faq.php');

define('FILENAME_PAYMENT', 'payment.php');

define('FILENAME_FEATURED', 'featured.php');


That should sort it.






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THats what I thought too LOL


for some reason this doesnt work. Its still point to a directory that is wrong. Im wondering if I didnt copy the files over to the wrong place or something. I copied them in the exact tree that the Mod comes in which adds its own application_top.php to the "Local" folder inside "includes"

it also creates a second boxes directory and a seperate languages directory. is it correct for it to have created a whole new set of folders inside the "local" folder?


Im confused LOL

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no, sounds wrong m8.


the zz_faq.php (or whatever you name it) should be in your catalog root.


the faq contirbution doesnt use anymore files i dont think, so as long as that file is in the catalog/ dir , and application top is definaing it properly it should work fine.

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Thats weird, the one I downloaded comes with about 10 files


I think maybe they were just supposed to be added into the files they are named after. I will try going back and changing that tonight to see what happens.


I will let you know


Thanks for your help

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I was just lookiong at the faq module again and it has its own config file which show the path as being admin/includes/local for those extra files so evidently it is made to run in its own directory.


Maybe your version is different than mine. I just downloaded it yesterday. Is your version older?


Does anyone know whats going on here?

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I'm an idiot LOL


I should have payed better attention to your advise. I was adding it to the application_top that came with the module. When I added it to the one you said that fixed the link problem. it now goes to the right place.


Now I am left with the display problem. In the information box it is listed as BOX_INFORMATION_FAQ


Any ideas

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