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table shipping


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ok i have a problem, i want to charge for items under say a kilo $5 for shipping but items between 1 kilo and 15kilo say $8 for shipping i am using the table shipping module and when i test it i am getting shipping costs at like $445 for a 5 kilo package, any idea where im going wrong?

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still no suggestions?



I am following this very closely as I would like asolution as well. It appears that the table has no connection with the weight that i can figure out. It seems to want to convert a 10 kg item into something that weighs 20kg. I can't figure out why. Sometimes the table is incemental and other times it is exponential. May be i am an idiot but I just don't get the math.

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Check this out I have a product that weighs 10kg.


If I put this in I get the following results...




order 1 product I get $17 charged(should be $15)


order 2 products $0 is charged.


So I figued the weight must inflated in some way so I doubled the weight




so now I get


$15 on first product $17.50 on the second product and then I get a wopping $34 on the third. Holy cow this does not make any sense to me.

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