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Choosing what products appears on Front page


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Hi, hope someone can help here..


How do you configure the front page to make what product you want to appear on the front page,

i sell watches, and i want 1 brand of watch eah to appear on the front page.


e.g 9 different brands of watches, what i'm getting at present is the last 9 items i installed in the catalog are appearing, this means i have 9 images of the same model showing in different colours, i don't want that to happen.


I want to dispaly a selection of all the brands and models availble e.g 9 different brands..


is there a way of controlling this from the admin section etc...


Would appreciate the help..


Thanks..in advance..



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you are right they order by date added...

if ordering by date last modified does work for you try changing this code in includes/modules/new_products.php

order by p.products_date_added


, p.products_last_modified <> '' order by p.products_last_modified

then the last modified product is displayed first. Do mind this alteration does include altering the products shown in the new products module regardless of where it is called from. i.e. categories that only contain subcategories, but no products directly will show the last modified products from that category.


hope that helps you out, if not, try a contribution.

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