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How to use code snippets?


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I'm having a pretty successful Christmas season and I hope everyone else is as well. Along with the success has come some growing pains. One of my biggest problems is the different cutoff dates that are coming in from the 6 or 7 vendors I use. Right now, I've been using my category heading and the actual product descriptions to place a disclaimer about the cutoff for that particular product and / or category. Very painful when you consider that I have over 200 products from those 6 or 7 vendors.


My question is: is there an easy way to create a common file or entry for each vendor that contains some of the product information, like shipping estimates, and insert it into the product description field in question? I'm talking about where you actually create or edit your products in the catalog section. Since the field accepts HTML code, I didn't know if I could just insert a reference to a javascript file or something along those lines. I was actually hoping there might be a more elegant solution using php, buy I'm a novice with that and wanted to get some feedback before moving forward.


Examples would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance for your response,

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I am planning on implementing something similar.


the part I have done is to alter the manufacturers table to include something that can be used to indicate shipping estimates. (all products from manufacturer in stock, some in stock, none in stock). Also I added an availability status on a per product base.


what I plan on doing next year, is connecting the instock part to the availability status I added on a per product base, to generate a likly shipping term. My solution is entirely custom made, and thus fit my exact needs.

My code does not include any "install" files, or instruction. So perhaps it is better to first search the contributions for something that matches what you need, if nothing is available, I could then (try) and write my code into a contribution.

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Thanks for the reply.


I was hoping to avoid something like changing the database tables because I'm a novice with this stuff. I actually tried just plugging in a php echo tag in the description, but that didn't work. Hoping for something along those lines for this if possible.


Thanks again,


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