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Tax Problem


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There appears to be a problem with my tax, but I completely baffled as to the reason why. Every now and then when a customer orders a product no tax is charged; however, this is not the common case. Most of the time tax is charged... when I go through and make the exact same order, shipped to the exact same place, and using the exact same payment method I am charged tax. When this first happened we thought that perhaps it was a problem with the customer inputting their state incorrectly (i.e. "in." for Indiana when it should be “IN”) so that it was not recognized by OSC, but we fixed this with the country/state drop down list contribution. I've looked over the forums and most problems seem to be with it either not being enabled or the sort order being screwy; neither is the case here. As I said, it only happens some of the time which leads me to believe that it might be some sort of glitch. Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated and I thank you very much for your time. If you require any code or anything just let me know.



Ian Osos

Web Developer

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