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The e-commerce.

want to create catalog within excel, but worried about links


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I am my brand new to the osCommerce product. In reviewing this site, I have found suggestions on how to export tables (like the product table) make modifications and then import them to your database. I am primarily concerned with maintaining the proper links between tables when one imports the file back to the osCommerce database.


How have others created products and their associated options, etc. while maintaining the appropriate links between tables?





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Thanks for your help. Hmm. Seems promising, but to the novice more than a little intimitating. I am worried I am opening a can of worms with the introduction of add-on's.


What are your thoughts on not changing any of the configuration variables. It would appear that one would have to do this for a number of fields. (e.g. model number size.)


On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate the required expertise to use this Easy Populator program and make these changes (1 being a person who can use end-user applications e.g. excel, word, etc. and 10 being a person that programs end-user applications.)

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depends on how you do it.

Always Always Always have backed up files.

If your store is live, then install a test site, and install that properly.


If you can do as described in the install instructions, you need not be a programmer at all (skill 1).

just do as instructed.

If you can not follow these instructions you cannot install this contribution at all (skill 10 would not do it then).


the difference between those skills is to know what it is you do, but that does not have to be important when all instructions are caried out properly.

Upon errors you can allways post questions on the contributions section of this forum, or its support thread if it exists.

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