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Split credit card email address


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I can send emails via OsCommerce.


When a user buys something, it sends them the thankyou email.


However, if I use the credit card module and put in a "split credit card email address"


The email containing the middle digits is never sent out.


I'm at my wits end here.


Any ideas please?

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Ok, found the problem.


My crappy ISP doesn't like I have the same email for the from and to lines.


If I send it to a different email, it works just fine.


Thats insane.


Alright, thanks guys. Sorry for cluttering up the forum, but I hope someone else see's this and it helps them.

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Yes.. Thanks!


This has happened to me for ages.


Fortunatley I have the email sent to 2 addresses so at least I get it on one of them.


It is good those who find probs, post the answers like you have as yopu can bet a dollar to a nickel someone will have the same problem and go looking for an answer.



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I'm having this problem right now. I tried changing the designated email and did a test order but STILL I don't get any email with the cc numbers.


The original designated email address was my hotmail address. Then I changed it to my website email address.


Any suggestions? THanks!

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