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Checking the product category when calculating shipping


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I''m new to OSC and I'm stuck on calculating the shipping for my products.


I have this problem:


I have 2 categories. One of the categories has free shipping, the other doesn't.


I have looked through the Contributions but cannot find a contribution that allows me to setup shipping costs on one category, but not for another.

The only contribution I have found is this: free shipping by categories which does something close to what I want: sets free shipping on one category, but doesn't let me set a shipping price for another.


Is there a contribution out there that allows me to set a shipping price for one category, but have no shipping cost on another?


Or is there a contribution that I can install to modify the Products so that I can add a shipping cost to each product when adding it into OSC?


Many thanks for your help,


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the other shipping price you can set globaly, i.e. take anny shipping module for that, i.e. a fixed shipping fee (is that not included by default?).


depending on how the free shipping module you pointed to works the entire chart could go shopping free if a free shipping categorie product is in the cart.

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Thanks for the suggestions jdvb, I've just realised that I need 3 different shipping options in my cart!


1. Next Day Delivery - Fixed rate - I've sorted this one.


2. Shipping Option 1 - Fixed price for one category, the second category has no shipping charge.


3. Shipping Option 2 - Fixed greater price for one category, the second category has no shipping charge.



I've managed to install a module called Shipping rate per product and I can set one fixed price for a product, but I need to specify 2 fixed prices. I've had a look at the code to see if there is a way to add a second field to he Product form, but I can't seem to find it.


Has anyone done this before?



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Just to let you know, I've fixed the problem!


I have installed a contrib called Multiple Individual Shipping - can set upto 4 different shipping prices per product and it works great.

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