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Changing default start page blocks access to osCommerce


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Here is the situation:

A client has a web site that uses osCommerce. I need to change the start page for their web site from "index.html" to "index.shtml" - NOTE: The pages have the exact same content (obviously the .html one has no back end processing).


I am adding a line to .htaccess to set the proper start page ("DirectoryIndex index.shtml").


This works correctly; HOWEVER, as soon as this change is in place, access to the Shop (osCommerce) subdirectory is blocked. We are getting a standard "access forbidden" page.


I have decades of experience with systems, but I am new to PHP / Apache / osCommerce (got a trifecta going there), so I have no idea where to start on this problem. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Thanks! - Eric.

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You shouldn't need to add that directive as an shmtl page should load before a php page. Have you tried it without the directive?




Thanks for the quick reply Vger.


While at first I thought I wasn't clear (the original index.html page has no PHP in it), it turns out, your solution was the right one anyway. I simply renamed index.html to index.html.orig, which then let index.shtml be processed as the start page. Sure enough, the Shop and Shop/Admin subsites continued to work after this.


Thanks! - Eric.

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