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Customer Greeting


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I have a problem with my customer greeting and wondered if anyone can give me a hand solving it?


I recently loaded 2.2 and configured my pages using a non-ssl configuration. Once I completed the pages, I installed a certificate and enabled SSL.


Since enabling SSL, my customer greeting displays "Welcome Guest...." on all pages not using SSL. Any of the SSL pages display fine, and when I access all other pages using HTTPS, they too display the proper "Welcome [Customer First Name]...." for logged in users. I have other issues as well, because my "Log Out" link is part of my navigation bar, and it comes and goes between accessing secure and non secure pages.


Is this a software bug, by design, or have I missed something? If any oscommerce wizards out there can help me, I would appreciate the assistance.

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Update - I managed to narrow this down to a problem with cookies. I have two server hostnames due to some odd requirements on my web server:


HTTP: http://www.storename.com

HTTPS https://secure.storename.com


Running with either HTTP or SSL alone worked fine. Running with both enabled did not. I disabled cookies and use session mode and this works great.


I had bigger problems with checkout using cookies too, I just didn't know it until I solved my greeting issue and moved on to find my cart was always empty etc.


There may be a way to get cookies working with my config, but most of the posts I found mentioned session mode over cookie mode because of similar problems.


Comments welcome..

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