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The e-commerce.

reoccuring problem.. please please advise.


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Hi Please advise


From the site owner:


The client Isobel placed the order, but yet it had Janine Rudolph’s details, whom had placed an order before this order below.




All I can imagine is that somehow the address books get messed up?

Anyway this has happened on about 4 ocasions, weeks, sometimes months appart --even though the shop generate about 20 sales a day --which makes one think it should happen more often.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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If I'm not mistaken, I heard this can be a session problem. Let's say Customer A is browsing and wants to show it to her friend, who is also going to order. She copies the URL in her address bar, which includes her sessionID and sends it to her friend, Customer B. Customer B follows the link from Customer A, and "steals" Customer A's session, and information.


This can also happen if someone posts a url from your site to a public forum, and it contains the sessionID. Sometimes spiders will index sessionIDs and put them in search listings. There are contributions to help prevent this.


I'm not sure this is why you are having this problem, but it's the first thing I'd check out.

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